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Social Issues
Peer pressure is extremely powerful during this time. The price kids pay for not “being cool” or not “fitting in” is near traumatic. This age group is also at high risk for bullying from other kids and then there is the daily “friend drama”. These adversities would be extremely challenging by themselves, for a well adjusted tween, can you imagine what it is like for the child who is shy, introverted, or artistic?

School Issues
I have heard many stories from many tweens that the academics are more challenging than they anticipated. The teachers are also more demanding. Not only is the work more difficult, but there is more of it and there is less grace period for late assignments or missing assignments. The important of certain life skills such as; being organized, self-disciplined, focused and responsible is an area that most tweens have to develop in order to achieve academically.

Stress issues
The stress from these many common adversities also weigh heavy on many tweens these days. Most tweens do not have the sufficient coping skills to address these issues. Many are turning to video games or other addictions to avoid the stress. Others are engaging in risky behaviors to avoid the adversities. This overwhelming stress could express itself as anger, depression or anxiety leading tweens to act out these emotions. Emotional management skills can greatly impact a tweens ability to recover from these powerful emotions.

Behavioral issues
Not only are tweens overwhelmed emotionally due to the many adversities they encounter on a regular basis but they are often acting these emotions out. A tween who responds to the social, emotional, and school adversities in an anxious way may become frequently ill, have a hard time sleeping (making it difficult to “behave”), or choose to avoid these areas of concerns all together. Many anxious children will “depress” their feelings. If they continue with these “avoidance” techniques into the teen years then it may manifest itself into, cutting, drugs or sex.

Tweens are under a lot of pressure and are facing many life adversities. Many of these tweens are not properly equipped to handle these adversities. They may barely make it through the tween years only to fall apart during the teen years.  Thank you for sharing the Resiliency group with the people you know and together we will support the tweens in our community to bounce back from life’s adversities.

What : Resiliency Group
Who: Tweens (10-12)
Where: 4251 Date St. 80917
How long: 8 wks.
When: Tuesday’s 5:00 – 6:30pm starting April 14th
Investment : $25 per session / $200 per group.
Scott Pilcher, M.A., LPC
“Parenting Classes are a real life saver”

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