A Children’s Counseling Center is a group of therapists each of whom maintains a separate and independent private practice. All have extensive experience with children and families which assures you comprehensive mental and behavioral health services.

We believe that childhood should be a time for healthy growth and development with a happy family. For many children and teens, it is a time of great emotional stress. Children react to stress in many way including withdrawal and acting out behaviors at home and school.

Parents and school personnel want to help children become happy, loving adults, however in today’s society this can be a difficult goal. Troubled children and youth usually mean troubled families as everyone becomes part of the problem.

To implement our philosophy and solve family problems, a team approach has been developed. A child psychiatrist and a licensed psychologist are available for consultation and services. We help children and families learn the life skills necessary to be successful.

We have three playrooms that are designed to accommodate different ages and needs of children.


A Children's Counseling Center
4251 Date Street,
Colorado Springs, CO, 80917

Tel: (719) 639 - 4869

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4251 Date Street, Colorado Springs, CO, 80917